Varieties of Risk

AHRC sponsored research project

Joint VoR-RoR Workshop on Risk and Recklessness

On April 22-23, there will be a joint Varieties of Risk and Roots of Responsibility Workshop on Risk and Recklessness, organized by Claire Field and featuring Philip Ebert, Martin Smith, Petronella Randell, and Dylan Balfour from the Varieties of Risk team.

The workshop features a diverse selection of philosophers and legal theorists working on questions related to risk, recklessness, and the relation between the two. The workshop will feature both short talks, and pre-read papers. More information is available on the workshop page (http:/
You can register to receive the Zoom link and pre-read papers here:

Thursday 22nd April (BST)
1-2 David Prendergast “Distinguishing Recklessness from Negligence in Criminal Law
Respondent: David Campbell
2.30-3.30 Martin Smith “Rights and the Ethics of Risk Imposition”
Respondent: Claire Hogg
4-5 Alexander Greenberg “Culpability, Consciousness, and Carrying on Regardless”

Friday 23rd April
9-10 Johanna Thoma “Merely Means Paternalist? Prospect Theory and ‘Debiased’ Welfare Analysis”
Respondent: Petronella Randell
10.30-11.30 Joseph Bowen “Rights: Facts, Evidence, or Beliefs?”
Respondent: Dylan Balfour
12-1 Philip Ebert “Gratuitous Risk: Perceived Danger and Recklessness Judgements about Outdoor Sports Participants”
Please make sure you register to receive the Zoom link, as well as the link to the pre-read papers.